£37,000 PROFIT

Very important document below PROOF OF THE £37,000 MADE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE as we believe its the first time in history that a profit has been proofed and agreed that profit was made BY INDEPENDANT MEANS.

The story is quite interesting behind the document below see end of page, as it takes in many years of dealing with the Advertising standards authority and the frustration dealing with someone who used to know nothing about horseracing or how it worked that might have changed now but im talking about the early days and what a story to tell because this is what really happened, they have changed for the better but it couldn’t get worse so they had to.

They wanted horseracing tipsters to fall into line and because there was so much false stuff not so much with the racing papers but outside that area then it was a free for all.

So how do you get tipsters/ systems to comply you come after the largest service and target them and the others will fall into line. We were targeted by the asa and still have all the old correspondence if anyone wants to challenge we are not telling it like it happened. We used to proof by fax everyday kept the fax and records of everything so in the early 2000s we were asked to prove some profit and although they always said someone’s complained we were always suspicious that they were flexing there muscles and making some of it up they seemed to do as they pleased and we’ve a story about there appeals which were a absolute joke but since changed.

So first time up a young lad said we need to see the proofs ok we said collated it all sent it off, few weeks later we were adjudicated on for not being correct with the results now one of the partners at the time was a wiz at spreadsheets and was spot on with his figures.

So I phoned up and got this guy I will save his shame not publishing names as there’s a few who need to be remembered how bad it was and they were then but we think it was coming from higher up that we need to bring this racing into line.

So the phone call went like this whats wrong ? he said the figures were wrong I pointed out they couldn’t be wrong as a ex maths teacher did the spreadsheets and please remember this one as it been etched in my memory ever since. Your each way bets are wrong I said ive the spread sheet here please explain he said you haven’t made out the returns for a quarter or a fifth odds, I said yes I can see them they are on there correct no he said you haven’t put how many finish the race to calculate the correct returns. Stunned into silence I said can you repeat that and he did we needed the number of finishers to calculate the correct odds of a quarter or a fifth I asked if he knew anything about horseracing he said he didn’t have to know. I couldn’t believe it I explained its how many who start not how many who finish he said its already been adjudicated and we would get the adjudication in the post.

So just to be clear we were found guilty of the above and no appeal as no one told us you could appeal because whatever they said went so to this day that judgement stands guilty for giving them the correct returns on profits but guilty of not giving them the numbers of finishers in the race to calculate a quarter or a fifth odds correctly lol.

Yes takes some believing but 100% true and when we found out ourselves about appealing they said case closed to late lol.

So now you get the idea of dealing with the early asa it was a absolute nightmare and sent a shudder through the office as they weren’t finished yet oh no it ended up me going to the offices in London in front of a conference about the bookmaking industry being brought into the asa remit and speaking out to tell them you don’t know whats about to hit you I bet they do now lol,

A few more stories about the asa to come and how they forced the racing paper to radically change its proofing and used us as the whipping boys to do it and we were even mentioned in parliament and on the tv more to come  as we don’t think it should be kept quiet back soon …

SO IT CAME 20 YEARS LATER WHERE WE WERE READY FOR THEM EVERYTHING AS ALWAYS CORRECT AND THIS TIME WE WERNT MESSING AROUND  they had messed us around for long enough it was time to get it right they couldent get out of this one and fair play to them but if they thought they would ever have to say we made a profit they wouldn’t have come knocking so through gritted teeth I bet we got that adjudication but well done them and the changes made were correct its a big concern now paid in part by google and they have bigger fish to fry than us as it now covers most media and good luck to them.

Someone challenged the facts in our advert which was published in a full page racing post advert, after a thorough investigation The Advertising Standards Authority concluded the advert for the profit claimed was honest, truthful and substantiated, those facts don’t lie, all our results/profits are proved and provable.

So the next time some one says systems /tipsters don’t make a profit send them here and let them eat there words.

You wont find this on any other website praising us for showing a profit as it would spoil the myth that systems/ tipsters don’t make a profit. That myth has been proved wrong.

We claimed £37.000 profit the asa said we exceeded this, we did we actually had over £45,000 profit !