Live Telephone Winner Recordings, You Must See The Proof Live telephone recordings of the only 2 bets we had this week, the reason why we are reguarded as the number one profitable service in the country, you can see our adverts in the racing post every saturday or on the racing post website, we proof all our bets as per the regulations to the racing post and chartered accountants. Remember 99% of all systems and services are not proofed and the results are made up or not proven or as we say they are fools gold systems or services. Come to see our system in Harrogate north yorkshire or give us a ring on 0800 389 87 67 to speak to us, we have been here since 1985.

Horse Racing System BRAND NEW Official Betfair Api Authorized, Get Your Money Back On losers have been around since 1985, our new coverbet, is innovative software that can get your money back on losing win bets, when you pick a winner you win the most as we want them all to win but we know thats not possible. it challenges the age old problem of placing a bet, the horse you pick running well but you lose, we have solved that problem and we have also solved the biggest problem of losing runs. This cuts out a losing run instantly. We are educating and giving others knowledge that these tools are availiable, its new technology and works on the official betfair api approved website. NEW UPGRADE NOW AVAILIABLE not only to get your money back on losing win bets but can now get your money back on your lays that you get wrong. Our history from 1985 makes us the longest running horse racing software supplier in the uk, in 2002 we had the worlds first laying system for betfair. More videos of our other innovative winner finding software products will shortly be availiable. look out shortly on here for the live videos produced in the early 90s by tictac who sold over 10000 of his 2 videos “the life of a professional gambler” and “finding winners” The videos were the first time that a live video followed tic tac as he travelled around the racecourses taking money off the bookmakers, all the hard work of 14 hours a day, its 2 hours long so we will edit it down for you,. You can then see a piece of history. lots more free videos to come with some very good

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