Day 3 and pointers from yesterday we were right in the 5-00 1m high numbers 26 won and first 3 were high and its now prominent that high numbers in SOME 5f-6f- 1m straight course races seem to have a advantage after yesterdays racing unless they water to even it out or it rains. Sometimes can be low but going on yesterdays its high draw in SOME races

Nice winners and day 3 looks ok we will put it on the members page


Great day yesterday with winners all on our members page.

Day one what with the likes of Churchill not running its race and O,briens 13/8 2 million pound hot pot world beater finishing last punters do get carried away not knowing what they are doing.

Todays stat the 5-00 its either very low or very high draw advantage both sides which horses? well its on the members page.

Good luck today hope you all had a good Day one.


5 days of great racing ahead with lots of short price hot pots for some to get stuck into, we always say its over 5 days not one or two days and plenty of conflicting news and views.

Day one is interesting and we come up with the odd interesting stat one of our most famous ones was Paul Nichols had 13 runners on a Saturday we pointed out he had a terrible record, a lot were fancied and every one got beat, beat that !

Todays stat is every one of the last 12 years winners in the 3-05 has won last time out there are 6 in the race that haven’t won last time out.

Lots more news and views for our members on the members stat page and more better juicy stats.

Good luck for today

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