How did we gain the name Brimardon? Brian, Martin and Don. They were the originators of a idea that computers would be better than the human brain to find more winners in a mathematical way. This was developed in DOS.

In the early days 1984 the Brimardon program was available for home computers it was available in dos before we upgraded it to windows early computers like the Spectrum, BBC, Amstrad and Commodore and all the data the program needed for its calculations had to be keyed in. That was the only way back then. It could take you an hour just to do 3 races!

The early days members would purchase the floppy disk we would send them out and you were up and running. Later early 90s you were able to download the days racing data the night before this is what punters wanted they had time on there hands to sort out the winners.

The floppy disks were replaced by computer disks these were sent out and easy to install we had to have plenty of technical back up as we were teaching members how computers worked and did many thousands of demonstrations in our offices in London, Coventry and Harrogate.

We even used to sell computers with our system installed with instructions on how to turn on the computer. It’s not that long ago!

Around 1994 members started to ask us which races were the best to bet in and we put lots of work into the system to produce the days best races to bet in, we employed Glen full time and his job was to print off and mark the results so we could identify daily out of the 25 categories of races on the national hunt which race types were the best and how they were doing. These races were called the pro races and we put a lot of work into identifying these profitable races, any new members were told stick to these 2 or 3 pro races a day but what we found was because you could view every race of every day then many of the gamblers would bet in every race and the top 3 in every race, where they got that from we still don’t know! Some we found did the opposite of what we told them it was very frustrating trying to help some of them they would take no notice.

We gave a booklet out telling everyone how to use it and even a warning on the software and in print that you will not make a profit backing in every race.

A lot didn’t take a blind bit of notice of what we told them and it was there own system to do whatever they wanted, for those who did what we advised the profits were there.

Betfair came along in 2000 we realised that we could do even better by using betfair and advised all the members to get better odds in our half page adverts in the racing post we promoted betfair better than they did themselves and credit ourselves with there success the amount of accounts opened due to us was enormous, we should have taken shares !

The word laying became normal in 2003/4 but we still had to explain how betfair worked as they were not good at doing it themselves and we had the worlds first laying software as in the early days it was very easy to lay not now I might add, most members don’t like it and its a thing that we used to offer but not for many years now as it got harder and went out of fashion. I remember we had a run of 29 lays all won for us most favourites, those were the days.

We had Betfair approved software on there API and all our software was automatic to place our bets on and lay bets off, it was very successful but betfair were developing programs themselves and we had many problems dealing with them and the back up just was not there so we left them.

We have not ever regretted leaving them as they change more in to a traditional bookmaker.

What we found is that gamblers changed from wanting and having plenty of time to do there own studying to not having any time and wanting us to do it for them.

In the old days just 2-3-4 meetings a day so it was easy, nowadays up to 8 meetings in a day on a summer day with evening meetings no wonder its got harder for punters.

A few years ago we decided the days of sending disks out was very expensive with all the back up needed and with new technology we could operate better and more efficient for members so we changed to running software here in the office then sending out the bets by text or email and nothing else sent out.

We have always been customer led so what we currently do is what you want and we change as we always have done, racing has changed but we change as technology improves and we are seriously good at what we do.

Since those early days Brimardon has been at the forefront of developments in horse racing software and we have brought in many innovations. Just think all those years of being at the forefront of finding winners and profits.

Our flat racing software and National Hunt horse racing software ratings have predicted thousands of winners at all prices including MON MOME (in the Grand National), Village Green, Cettis Warbler and Barton Park that all won at odds of 100/1.

All selections are proofed in advance of racing to the Racing Post and also to a large firm of independent chartered accountants.

We keep extensive spreadsheets to be able to comply with all the regulations placed on us by the advertising standards authority.

We are the largest in the business and the only one who has stood the test of time, the only one still here after 30 years, stronger and better than ever.

See our videos page to see how the old system works.


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