So what is Brimardon ?

Brimardon is a alternative investment system it was started by Brian Martin and Don in 1985.
30 years later we are part of a massive industry employs approx. 70,000 with turnover of 10 billion a year.

What does Brimardon do?

We identified a niche in this big market and we are at the forefront of innovation and technology to provide a alternative investment service like no other.

We invented a computer system that was better than the human brain in solving a age old problem of how does someone who knows nothing about horse racing make money in a investment way.

We invest with computer technology on horse racing and those who are serious enough to make money in a controlled and efficient way. Gambling means so many different things but alternative investing with our knowledge and expertise its very easy to follow and we can hold your hand all the way. To us it’s not much different to the stock market where you buy or sell shares but we believe with our systems that all you have to do is follow what we tell you to do.

Brimardon offers two ways to prosper and both completely different. The first is called “Win Every Day System” using software where we don’t need to find a winner as any horse can win. We can make a profit every day…Yes, that’s every day we want to trade and we can make a profit. We can prove live any day right in front of you at our teaching day. Once we have taught you no further subscriptions are required it’s a one off fee for life. We can also give you further guidance and support if you require it as everyone is different and individual so we can configure your investment to suit you. You can use this system easily at home or office whenever you want.

The second way is more traditional but very different. We invest in approx. 115 days in the year nothing else these are called “Targeted Days” mostly Saturdays and the main big race meetings only and nothing else. So you know one year in advance the days we are investing, we can predict with accuracy around 40% – 50% of the targeted races we invest in win and we can make money investing this way. The beauty for you it will only take up 10 minutes of your time on those 115 days in the year and send information to you by either a text message or email at a set time around 1pm on these targeted day.

Do you need any knowledge of horse racing ?

No not really, if fact, if you have been betting for years it can be harder for you because we do things completely different to what you are used to therefore easier for non gamblers to grasp as they have have no bad habits to start with and will follow and do exactly what we tell them too and that’s a recipe that will bring success and make money. So, those with knowledge need to learn to break bad habits and follow our system to the letter.

Proof of money made ?

No one makes any money do they investing on horse racing? That’s the myth. But think again following our full page advert the Advertising Standards Authority checked on our claim of £37,500 profit made in the Advert. They concluded that the advert was honest, truthful and substantiated a copy of there findings are available on our website or we can send you a copy.

So, you see the myth is broken. We did make profits and money for those who join us.

Can I have a trial ?

1 MONTH TRIAL AVAILABLE. However, to benefit we recommend longer term with minimum 6 month investment period. This is not a get rich quick investment hence we offer 6 or 12 month membership.

Joining prices start from as little as £100 your own investment can start from a few hundred pounds and at a level you are happy with.


Or contact us for alternative offers on 01423 203474.


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