Targeted bets, scams, insight and a few stories

The National Hunt season is nearing its end and the Flat is nearly underway and shortly building up a nice group of horses we want to back in the future, a lot of our future profits come from some horses that lost but will be bigger prices because we know they were either unlucky or it was just not there day.

We hardly follow horses that have won for us before next time out, they have already had the ideal circumstances and generally a much shorter price than they should be and usually carrying more weight next time out but exceptions like GOLDEN HORN WON 4/1 that won for us at the dante stakes at York then we followed him up to land the gamble at the Derby. I guarantee that most do it the other way round and a small insight into why we win long term and another reason to join over longer periods as this is not a sprint or get rich quick scheme.

In 30 years nothing changes really its the same sequences and very predictable.

What is true without doubt is that long term membership is the only way then you get the full flavour and adjust your betting bank as we don’t have long losing runs we have solved that problem, our service is completely different to how most think it works.

If you want more explanation and eye opening thoughts then give the office a ring we can then see if its for you, if not we tell you and wont take your money. We are not desperate for money or just anyone joining. If you get what we are about then we can move it forward to you making money, if you’ve had enough of losing in the long run we are different, we win.

We get everyone ringing in and we gain a lot of knowledge into what makes a winner and a loser we understand the Psychology of winning/ losing its the study of behaviour and mind.

We do get a lot of previous members phoning the office they usually re-join but some remember do the opposite of what you tell them, yes its strange we know but most actually think they lost when the facts show they won. When you go through the bets with them its a eye opener for them they won but in there heads they lost mostly because they lost our winnings backing there own bets and because they don’t keep records means to them we didn’t win when the facts can show they did.

Strange but we hear it all the time and its very frustrating. But if as a new member you have constantly lost every year and losing habits are hard to get rid of, but we have proved time and time again do what we tell you blind. Whatever money we win keep it separate and just use this money for our bets. Most still back there own and lose but your own bets should be minimal or give them up all together or the money we win you will lose it all on your own bets. That can and does happen so make sure it does not happen to you.

This was an actual conversation with an ex-member just to illustrate why some can get it wrong.

(M)I joined you a few years ago
How did it go ?
(M) no good lost money
Whats your name and what year?
(We get the results and bets/profit up on there membership on the computer).
Shows here we made you £22,000+
(M) Erm no never made anything
OK, I can give you every bet we can go through it with you
(M) Erm ah I didn’t bet some of them
(M) Didn’t think they would win
Ah so we give you bets off the system and you change it to your own losing system by doing not what we tell you
(M) Well I just didn’t fancy them
Nothing wrong in being honest. OK, so your now blaming us saying you haven’t won when in fact you did win but you prefer to do what you’ve always done by losing and backing your own with our winnings and losing it on your own.
(M) That 16/1 winner you mentioned hadn’t been out for 400 days. I never back them.
Really why ?
(M) How do you know that after 400 days they are fit enough?
That’s why your joining us because we know more than yourself and just because you haven’t the knowledge or expertise and confidence to back those, we do.
(M) And I don’t back below 7/2
Oh really? Why?
(M) Not big enough price ok so you would back a 4/1 but not 7/2
(M) yes 7/2 to short
The difference between 7/2 and 4/1 is minimal and prices don’t pick winners
(M) but ive always done that and you had some winners under 7/2
We did some good ones as well, so you’ve come back as many as 90% previous members do because they realise it was good but they can get it wrong so this time are you willing to follow it as it cost you a lot of money by not doing what you were told
(M) Yes, I’ve learned I’m just going to do exactly what you tell me this time I got it wrong
Well that’s good to here and you can turn it around but as we always we say follow it blind as changing anything turns it into your own losing system and you will lose.
(M) Thanks for that I will just follow it blind put me on for a year.
No problem anything else just ring me or if you want any more help I’m here, if you get it right then you re join year after year

Yes, an actual conversation and we will add more as its interesting in why some win and some lose. We have a cracker about a member when we had 2 winners he said he lost on inquiring he had put his 3rd one in himself and did a £100 treble he lost, our 2 won at 11/2 and 5/1 Its amazing really ! why some lose and sad in a way.

Remember he could have gone on forums as a lot do saying I joined brimardon and lost he did but by not doing what he was told to back lol now you know why services get some bad reviews its just the way it is and take it with a pinch of salt. When members win they do not go on forums to tell others about winning and why would they ? so you only get to hear from plenty of trolls who have never joined or a mate they make up who has never joined or those that won that lost it on there own bets and do actually think they lost when the figures are that they won. Being successful creates great jealousy and envy in some and because they cant make money then how can anyone else? So we will never get praise and its just part of this kind of business.

The problem with tipster forums is those that lose and seek advice, take advice from other losers. Think about it!

Having been here for 30 years it’s easy isn’t it ? that just following our system and bets you can help those who join learn how to find winners and make then money if they follow the system. I think we learned early on that if you’ve been betting for 10-20-30-40 years and all of them losing consistently then to join a winning service is a bit of a shock to the system and we like to speak to members to give them a idea of what’s about to happen because in 30 years nothings has changed its exactly the same all the time.

We can very accurately predict what is about to happen to you when you join us. We are happy to pass on this valuable winning knowledge to any new member some listen and some don’t, those that think they know all about racing and a lot do, but what they don’t possess is winning money knowledge.

They have lots of racing, betting knowledge but have never made a profit in a year.They have no idea of how to approach making money by doing something they love and enjoy but lose money consistently by making the same losing bets every year. If your willing to change your losing ways then we could help you. We have that winning knowledge, we look at it in a completely way to someone who loses, in fact what we do is completely different to someone who loses, there is no comparison and hardly anything compares. Not the same races or meetings and not the same horses. So that winning knowledge we possess is worth its weight in gold.

So if you are sick of losing and one of those 99% that lose nothing wrong in saying I’ve had enough of being stupid it’s just like throwing my money in the street. You are never going to win even if you put in 7 days a week and 14 hours a day, you can forget it your losing methods and losing ideas will get you plenty of winners but overhaul you will lose money every year.

You need something a bit more special that you don’t have and you’ve already proved you don’t have it or you would be winning money every year. You may be very good at your job or profession but making money backing horses needs to be left to those who do it consistently year in year out.

Remember any hobby costs you money golf, fishing, football. Racing can cost you thousands a year, but you could make money backing horses and most of you for the first time ever in many many years. Look on it as a investment well spent. Just be prepared to change and just do exactly what we tell you to do it’s that simple really and long term is the only way. Many never join a service why should they if they can’t win why should anyone else be cleverer than them and be able to do what they can only dream of doing.

Lots of people think and believe they make a profit usually those who never keep records, keeping records would tell them how much they lost which is why they never keep records lol that would be stupid!

Good luck your going to need it if you carry on haphazardly betting, you will keep losing. You can tell a losing punter he puts small bets on clever in a way because he only loses small but the reason for small bets is he already knows hes going to lose and zero confidence. We could get you into a place where you have confidence to place a decent bet. But remember that can take time and you should only ever bet what you can afford. Confidence, no long losing runs, targeted limited bets and knowing how to bet completely different to a losing bettor that’s the keys to success.

Joining a service like ours is a investment its not a get rich scheme over a few days or month, join for six months or a year as we can also follow up some unlucky horses and long term is the only way forward.

Why if we are so good do we not have the praise we deserve on the likes of forums and other websites? Well, having been around 30 years we know what it is, if a member is on a good service they keep it to themselves they don’t go on forums or the like to share in there success.

We have many who said they joined us but most haven’t and remember forums are losers advising losers of how good they are at losing although giving the impression they win. We do know there was a scam reported in the Racing Post of some scammer saying they were Brimardon’s bets and selling them for hundreds of pounds and they were not so some of these reviews can be put down to not joining us direct and we know they were not our bets but some he had made up.

A old scam is review websites where you might not know they have there own services at the top or take a big rake off from the top service when you join them you realise they should have never been top and you’ve been had ! We would never be praised as they were running there own services and they pocket the money with there own services. When they say independent proofing or all results proofed you’ve got to beware.

You would think as we are the only service to have substantiated profits from a ruling by the advertising standards authority other websites or racing would be glad at least we can now prove brimardon made £37,000 profit. Guess what because the jealousy in racing is terrible, because most lose we are not liked for being winners and its another reason why some trolls give us a lot of stick on forums or websites.

So remember forums are for losers who talk to other losers so they can pass on there losing knowledge to each other, so just take what some say with a pinch of salt. We even remember members saying we were no good to stop others sharing there success.

Its a strange business to be involved in where when your the best most don’t like it and as 99% lose then the praise is small but we know so give us a try. Make that call and see if we can help you… 01423 203474.


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